Essential Oil – 5mL


Diffuse, drop into your bath, mix with water in a spray bottle for a mist application, apply drops into unscented massage oil for self or professional massage and more.


  • Massage: 23-30 drops in 2oz. carrier oil
  • Bath – 5-10 drops
  • Steam: 4 drops in 2 cups hot water
  • Lotion: 20 drops in 2oz of unscented lotion
  • Compress: 10 drops in 2 cups of water
  • Footbath: 10 drops

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Our products were created with the intention of:

  • Encouraging appetite.
  • Calming panic and fear.
  • Sedating the heart.
  • Lifting spirit.
  • Relieving insomnia & headaches.
  • Providing tonic for the immune system.
  • Replacing grief with a positive self-image.
  • Clarifying thought.
  • Reducing edema.
  • Balancing hormones.
  • Cleansing the nervous system.
  • Regenerating tissue and organs.
  • Providing antiseptic.
  • Decongesting liver and spleen.
  • Detoxifying from drug usage.
  • Providing nutrition for dry sensitive skin.
  • Calming the stomach and digestive track.
  • Helping depression, bringing joy & soothing grief.
  • Balancing emotions & releasing anger, irritability & tension.
  • Healing wounds, scar tissue & regenerating cells.


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