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AVIANA Essential Oil Products gently and safely work to stimulate the immune system - the body's own defense against illness - and helps support each individual's personal healing effort.


AVIANA works with world leaders in therapeutic-grade essential oils to be certain that each oil is the purest and most effective available. We constantly seek out superior sources of pure essential oils & use only the most sophisticated analysis techniques to ensure you receive the highest quality products.

AVIANA products are scientifically blended for absolute purity and effective end results including:

  • Constituents of monoterpenes and alcohols that have shown possible anti-cancer activity in early stages of research.
  • A tonic for the cardiovascular system, to improve circulation and restore vitality to the red corpuscles.
  • Some ingredients that stimulate the white blood cells of the immune system, the body’s first defense against cancer.
  • A detoxifying effect on the body’s cells that helps improve lymph flow and relieve muscle pain and headaches.
  • Aromatherapy designed to promote comfort, relaxation, and the release of stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression.

Note: These therapeutic-grade essential oils and products are not a substitute for professional medical care.

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Soul-Soothing Scent

Enhance cancer recovery at home

Aromatherapy is both a science and an art that uses concentrated plant energy in the form of fragrant oils to bring you greater physical and emotional health.

Essential oils can provide cellular healing due to their anti-microbial, pain-relieving, and immune-strengthening qualities. They offer balance to the emotional-mental self as they interact with the limbic brain, hormonal and nervous system. Essential oils are playing an important part of holistic 21-century medicines.

Products From Nature's Lab You Can Purchase With Confidence

  • Our essential oils are obtained directly from the distillers.
  • The high quality of our oils is guaranteed by quality control experts
  • To meet the higher quality standards of phytotherapy, each of our essential oils is guaranteed to be pure, genuine, unadulterated, and of a single species.
  • All of our essential oils are guaranteed pesticide-free and organic whenever possible.
  • Our oils are analyzed by GC-MS at an independent European laboratory and the results interpreted by our quality control expert.



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AVIANA was stirred by my personal experience with cancer and established by melding my endless curiosity and intense study with an innate desire to make a positive difference in another’s life.
- Nancy