Massage Therapy


Internationally Recognized Expert in Oncology Massage Therapy

AVIANA massage therapy has been welcomed by medical institutions, community hospitals, breast cancer centers, and other integrative institutions worldwide.


When used in oncology massage therapy, AVIANA products can elevate the quality of life for all individuals in any stage of wellness. This complementary therapy is well suited as an effective, integrative tool for complementary medicine supporting traditional treatment.


Nancy believes mind/body medicine is absolute. When teaching students, she reminds them of the importance of touching with skill and attention/intension and to honor the client’s opinion about his or her choice in the healing process.


Someone challenged with health issues is often overwhelmed with opinions. AVIANA believes those who seek healing deserve individualized, dedicated support and someone who will listen.

The true essence of this unique combination of touch including massage therapy can only be known through experiential learning. As an internationally recognized expert in oncology massage therapy, Nancy shares her skills in the healing arts with an affinity for helping


  • Those experiencing pain, extreme stress, cancer, and other illnesses
  • Individuals wishing to preserve their good health and well-being
  • Those wishing to reverse the symptoms of stress known to weaken the immune system
  • Persons looking to clarify thought
  • Those who wish to balance hormones


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“Nancy brings much more than skill to the healing of massage. She is a calming presence who emanates peace and speaks with the authority of wisdom. When I faced the situation of my own brother dying by degrees in ICU over a period of nearly three months, I asked Nancy to be a participant in his care. I shall be forever grateful to her for the gift of added comfort she was able to provide…She is uniquely talented and qualified more than anyone I could imagine to train in oncologic massage.”

Donna Testa, M.D., M.S. Hershey Medical Center.

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AVIANA was stirred by my personal experience with cancer and established by melding my endless curiosity and intense study with an innate desire to make a positive difference in another’s life.
- Nancy