Nancy Schmitt
AVIANA Creator, National Speaker and Educator

Nancy is a voice of inspiration offering enriching communication, heartwarming yet empowering workshops and thought-provoking training to inspire health and well-being for the wellness community, professional and personal caregivers and those living with cancer and other life challenges, including stress.

With a breast cancer diagnoses in 1996, she reshaped her career to be of service to those challenged physically, emotionally and mentally. Her diagnosis was just one of many life experiences that shaped her ideas and dreams to support an under-served community of people.

Nancy is a practical dreamer who melds wisdom born of intuition with wide-ranging training from well-respected international healers, scientists and leaders in mind-body and energy medicine, mindfulness, massage and more. She provides renewed vitality, healing and contemplation for those who attend. Nancy remains dedicated to advanced study and feels blessed by boundless past learning experiences. She enjoyed workshops, hands-on training, or participated in small to large audiences studying under Dalai Lama, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Eckardt Tolle, KeKumu (Traditional Hawaiian Healers), Deepak Chopra, Lewis Mehl Madrona, Herbert Benson, Larry Dossey, Ken Cohen, Margo Gal, James Van Praagh, Robert Thurman, Dean Radin, Lori Alviso-Alvord, Dharma Singh Khalsa, Joan Borysenko, Renzin Wangyal Riepoche, Belleruth Naperstak, Wayne Dyer and more.

Nancy Schmitt

Nancy has been invited to present at Penn State Milton Hershey Medical Center, Holistic Nurses Annual Conference, National Massage Therapy Association’s Annual Conference, Pennsylvania Bar Association, American Cancer Society, and Cancer Recovery Foundation as well as with more intimate groups throughout the country, to inspire while imparting her knowledge. She was also invited to be one of eight on the Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge Task Force, to articulate a common body of knowledge for the profession in 2009.

Nancy sits at the helm of AVIANA (meaning life or living grace) since 1996; the company she created to delight while empowering others to live satisfying lives. She teaches nationally and is moved to enhance skills, soften hearts and inspire minds for those who attend.


Talk with Nancy to explore the right event for your Spa, Wellness Center, and Medical Center, group or organization.

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AVIANA was stirred by my personal experience with cancer and established by melding my endless curiosity and intense study with an innate desire to make a positive difference in another’s life.
- Nancy